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Security Advisories: GSA_kwCzR0hTQS05NnZoLTRyZnAtYzQyY84AAwEs

HTSJDK is vulnerable to exposure of resource(s) to the wrong sphere

The package com.github.samtools:htsjdk before 3.0.1 are vulnerable to Creation of Temporary File in Directory with Insecure Permissions due to the createTempDir() function in util/ not checking for the existence of the temporary directory before attempting to create it.

Source: GitHub Advisory Database
Origin: Unspecified
Severity: High
Classification: General
Published: 6 months ago
Updated: 4 months ago

CVSS Score: 7.8
CVSS vector: CVSS:3.1/AV:L/AC:L/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H

Identifiers: GHSA-96vh-4rfp-c42c, CVE-2022-21126

Affected Packages

Versions: < 3.0.1
Fixed in: 3.0.1