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XWiki Platform Wiki UI Main Wiki Eval Injection vulnerability


It's possible to inject arbitrary wiki syntax including Groovy, Python and Velocity script macros via the request (URL parameter) using the XWikiServerClassSheet if the user has view access to this sheet and another page that has been saved with programming rights, a standard condition on a public read-only XWiki installation or a private XWiki installation where the user has an account. This allows arbitrary Groovy/Python/Velocity code execution which allows bypassing all rights checks and thus both modification and disclosure of all content stored in the XWiki installation. Also, this could be used to impact the availability of the wiki.

On current versions (e.g., 14.3), this can be triggered by opening the URL /xwiki/bin/view/Main/?sheet=XWiki.XWikiServerClassSheet&form_token=<form_token>&action=delete&domain=foo%22%2F%7D%7D%7B%7Basync%20async%3D%22true%22%20cached%3D%22false%22%20context%3D%22doc.reference%22%7D%7D%7B%7Bgroovy%7D%7Dprintln(%22hello%20from%20groovy!%22)%7B%7B%2Fgroovy%7D%7D%7B%7B%2Fasync%7D%7D, on version 5.3 Milestone 2 (oldest impacted version), the issue can be reproduced using <server>/xwiki/bin/view/Main/?sheet=WikiManager.XWikiServerClassSheet&form_token=<form_token>&action=delete&domain=foo%22%2F%7D%7D%7B%7B%2Ferror%7D%7D%7B%7B%2Fhtml%7D%7D%7B%7Bfootnote%7D%7D%7B%7Bgroovy%7D%7Dprintln%28%22hello+from+groovy%21%22%29%7B%7B%2Fgroovy%7D%7D%7B%7B%2Ffootnote%7D%7D. In both cases <server> is the URL of the XWiki installation and <form_token> is the token used for CSRF protection for the current user which is available in every HTML response (search for form-token or form_token in the HTML source). If the string hello from groovy without println(" before it is displayed, the attack has been successful.


This has been patched in the supported versions 13.10.6 and 14.4.


It is possible to edit the affected document XWiki.XWikiServerClassSheet or WikiManager.XWikiServerClassSheet and manually perform the changes from the patch fixing the issue, i.e., replacing

     {{error}}{{translation key="" parameters="$request.domain"/}}{{/error}}


     {{error}}{{translation key="" parameters="~"${services.rendering.escape($$request.domain), 'xwiki/2.1')}~""/}}{{/error}}

and replacing

     {{error}}{{translation key="" parameters="$request.domain"/}}{{/error}}


     {{error}}{{translation key="" parameters="~"${services.rendering.escape($$request.domain), 'xwiki/2.1')}~""/}}{{/error}}

Note that below version 7.1 milestone 1, the used escaping function isn't available and thus a different fix would need to be developed.

On XWiki versions 12.0 and later, it is also possible to import the document XWiki.XWikiServerClassSheet from the xwiki-platform-wiki-ui-mainwiki package version 14.4 using the import feature of the administration application as there have been no other changes to this document since XWiki 12.0.


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Source: GitHub Advisory Database
Origin: Unspecified
Severity: Critical
Classification: General
Published: over 1 year ago
Updated: 11 months ago

CVSS Score: 10.0
CVSS vector: CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:L/PR:L/UI:N/S:C/C:H/I:H/A:H

Identifiers: GHSA-xr6m-2p4m-jvqf, CVE-2022-36099
References: Repository:
Blast Radius: 1.0

Affected Packages

Affected Version Ranges: >= 14.0, < 14.4, >= 5.3-milestone-2, < 13.10.6
Fixed in: 14.4, 13.10.6