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Security Advisories: GSA_kwCzR0hTQS1ydnE2LW1ycHYtbTZybc4AAcJq

Code Injection in Django

The django.core.urlresolvers.reverse function in Django before 1.4.11, 1.5.x before 1.5.6, 1.6.x before 1.6.3, and 1.7.x before 1.7 beta 2 allows remote attackers to import and execute arbitrary Python modules by leveraging a view that constructs URLs using user input and a "dotted Python path."

Source: GitHub Advisory Database
Origin: Unspecified
Severity: Moderate
Classification: General
Published: almost 2 years ago
Updated: about 1 year ago

Identifiers: GHSA-rvq6-mrpv-m6rm, CVE-2014-0472

Affected Packages

Versions: >= 1.6.0, < 1.6.3, >= 1.5.0, < 1.5.6, < 1.4.11
Fixed in: 1.6.3, 1.5.6, 1.4.11