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Open redirect in Jupyter Notebook



What kind of vulnerability is it? Who is impacted?

Open redirect vulnerability - a maliciously crafted link to a notebook server could redirect the browser to a different website.

All notebook servers are technically affected, however, these maliciously crafted links can only be reasonably made for known notebook server hosts. A link to your notebook server may appear safe, but ultimately redirect to a spoofed server on the public internet.


Has the problem been patched? What versions should users upgrade to?

Patched in notebook 6.1.5


OWASP page on open redirects

For more information

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Credit: zhuonan li of Alibaba Application Security Team

Source: GitHub Advisory Database
Origin: Unspecified
Severity: Moderate
Classification: General
Published: almost 3 years ago
Updated: 9 months ago

CVSS Score: 4.4
CVSS vector: CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:H/PR:L/UI:R/S:C/C:N/I:L/A:L

Identifiers: GHSA-c7vm-f5p4-8fqh, CVE-2020-26215

Affected Packages

Versions: <= 6.1.4
Fixed in: 6.1.5